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Becta Award Winner, Clunbury Primary SchoolBecta Award Winner, Clunbury Primary School shows how its focus on creativity and online communities has inspired pupil collaboration and engagement

Clunbury Church of England Primary is a small rural school with big educational vision. Based in Shropshire and with 65 pupils on role, the school is run by Head Andy Davis, a keen blogger with a creative approach to implementing ICT across the curriculum. In November 07, Clunbury School won the Becta ICT Excellence Award for the best whole primary school. With technology viewed as an important enabler of teaching and learning, the school not only has a thriving computer club for parents, children and the community, collaborates with other schools but also a highly developed website blog that features parent and staff forums.

Straits Primary School "Starters to Stars" Part 1Straits Primary School "Starters to Stars" Part 1

The Straits Primary School is a school which, according to the government’s performance measures and league tables is doing well and Headteacher Adrian Slack, is very keen to see this improve further.

Straits Primary School "Starters to Stars" Part 2Straits Primary School "Starters to Stars" Part 2

The Straits Primary School began using edujam in the last week of the autumn term and then continued to extend the opportunity to the rest of Year 5 during the Spring term. Straits School has some very creative practitioners and it has been great to see the number of pupils taking part grow from 0 to 6 and then to 60, in what is only a very short space of time.

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