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E-Safety, BECTA Guidelines

E-Safety, BECTA Guidelines

EduJam - 5th January 2007

From the very start, the design of edujam, its privacy policy and registration process have taken the concerns and issues raised in Bectaís guidance, to ensure that edujam has the necessary functionality and codes of practice in place.

No personal pupil data is ever displayed that is not under the absolute control of the school, Edujam uses SSL encryption to make sure no passwords are identified and then abused by others on the Internet.

Edujamís design and processes mean that we are totally confident that schools can harness the benefits of placing their pupils at the centre of their own creative stage in a safe and secure way.

The benefits of edujam are that it provides a school with a wonderful ICT application, one which empowers their learners and embraces parental involvement.

It offers a vibrant extension to a schoolís existing website with none of the problems of managing updates. Furthermore, the use of edujam provides a strategy for Internet use in a Primary school, which adopts the guidelines and principles issued by BECTA.

A wealth of excellent information about Internet Safety has been issued by Becta as guidance via their website (see link below).

BECTA Accreditation

Edujam is the first company to approach BECTA to gain accreditation for such an online service. We will keep you informed of progress in the news and right here.

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