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Parental Involvement

Edujam - 22nd November 2007

“At-home parental involvement clearly and consistently has significant effects on pupil achievement … which far outweigh other forms of involvement.”
Charles Desforges, ‘The Impact of Parental Involvement on Pupil Achievement’.

Read the full report here: The impact of parental involvement on pupil achievement

Visit the Dcsf for information on parental involvement

Research into parental involvement in pupils achievement has shown that it has a significant impact, especially at home.

· Children of parents who take an active interest in their schooling make greater progress than other children.
· Gains in pupil achievement that stem from parental involvement programmes tend to be permanent.
· In schools with matched intakes, those with strong parental partnerships do best - they consistently have fewer problems related to pupil behaviour and their pupils' achievements are better.
· Family influences have a more powerful effect on children's achievements than either school or neighbourhood factors.

To find out more about how edujam can help forge long term parental partnerships for your school call us to discuss your plans.

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