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Personalising Learning

Personalising Learning

EduJam - 28th December 2006

Education is facing the huge challenge of personalising learning. What does this mean? How can edujam aspire to help?

Well it starts with a desire we all share and that is to unlock the creative potential of every young learner.

Next step is to provide learners with real ownership, an identity, a creative space, in which to perform with words, images, even their own voice, using audio and video.

Edujam endeavours to help schools personalise learning by putting learners at the centre to ignite their creative potential.

Using several art forms is key to this. The use of artforms is designed to encourage young learners to understand and develop different crafts from their talents, recognising the differing communication channels we as individuals prefer to use. It is not everyone who wants to see him or herself on video, (at least not until someone else has had a go first!).

  • Some like to read and write, they are passionate about words.
  • Some like sounds to dance to, or create a mood.
  • Some prefer to images and have a visual approach to learning.
  • Some want to makes shapes and touch.
  • Some like action and movement.

Some young learners like to get creative mixing the above together with animation and movies. Either way it just feels great for kids if they have some space, coaching and a chance to use their special gifts and talents. Whatever their age or ability, when pupils are at put the centre, when the feel they have a voice, with real ownership and identity and that the world is listening, young learners are inspired to be creative whilst learning. Surely this is getting personal!!

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