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Menu of INSET options

We are passionate about building capacity for creative practice in your school and our training and support services reflect that.

We aim to:

  • Develop staff confidence in the use of new media capture technologies, and easy open source editing.
  • Illustrate edujam's use within current schemes of work and the use of creative outputs as assessable opportunities.
  • Develop confidence, ideas and plans to integrate the use of edujam into the curriculum.

To this end we offer the following courses:

Edujam Creative Community Kick-Start Day

Edujam onsite twilight training

We can also facilitate twilight sessions for staff and parents. This is designed to illustrate the opportunity for an increased level of communication and involvement in their child's education and look at ways edujam can help support children's learning within school and at home.

  • Onsite evening sessions typical costs @ £200 per session, plus expenses

We also offer:

  • Senior Management consultancy, covering creative practice in the curriculum; typical cost £450- £500 plus expenses
  • Edujam ICT teaching assistant service at an hourly rate £20 - £35 per hour depending on availability of locally based associates.

Building capacity for creative practice:

We are always open to working with organisations to help build local capacity for the delivery of training to benefit schools.

If you feel that you would be able to support the delivery of school based training or you would like to discuss your schools training needs, then please submit an enquiry, or contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

All prices quoted above are excluding VAT and subject to standard terms and conditions, available on request.

To order, please complete the Sales Order Form and fax it back to us at 01291 671515.