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Privacy Policy

Edujam CiC Privacy Policy

For the purposes of this document “Edujam” is taken to mean Edujam CiC, directors, employees and contractors.

Our Commitment to You

The directors, employees and contractors of Edujam take the issues of privacy and data protection for primary schools very seriously indeed.

  • The privacy of your pupils remains strictly under your control.
  • Edujam and will never disclose any personally identifiable information to any third party.

When a school becomes a community member of, you supply information such as:

Pupils – Jam Users

First Name, Surname, Date of Birth, Year Group identifier, for each of the pupils you wish to have a Jam Studio.

Edujam will under no circumstances display any First Name, Surname, Date of Birth information, either on the;

Jam Studios, viewable by the active Jam users in your school community
School/ Community or World stage viewable by the general public.

As part of their Jam Id profile, a pupil may choose to submit additional information such as hobbies, and interests, this information will be viewable by other active Jam Users in your school. This information will not be viewable by the general public.

It will be possible to add a pictorial representation. It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that parental consent has been given to the display of any real photos.

Parent or family email addresses

Any parent or family email addresses provided for the notification of creative output will not be forwarded to any 3rd Party for marketing purposes, furthermore, this email facility is purely one way; the recipient will not be able to reply to the Jam user. The recipient will have the option to be removed from the list of email addresses being used by the jam user if they no longer wish to receive notification that a new piece of work will be on the school stage.

Teachers - Creative friends

Title, First Name, Surname, Email address

for each of the class teachers, supply teachers or external mentors you wish to set up and authorise as a creative friend for your pupils. We will only use this email address to let the creative friend know of any new Jams that need to be assessed and approved.

School Edujam Champion

Title, First Name, Surname, Email address.

We will only use this email address to let the school champion know of any inappropriate content reported.

Other information collected

We may use non-personally identifiable information, like an IP address, to identify site usage and customise’s content, layout and services. The resulting information will allow us to better understand and serve our community.

Effective Date

This Privacy Policy statement is effective as of 1st Dec 2006


The security of the personal information for each pupil is aided by SSL encryption, however, it depends on the protection of account passwords. Please encourage pupils and creative friends not to disclose passwords. Creative friends will have a facility to,  reset a Jam ID password if the password has simply been forgotten or override if they suspect a Jam User ID is not being used appropriately.

Changes in Privacy Policy

From time to time we may update this Privacy Policy and will post a notice of any significant changes on our website.


If you have any questions you can contact us via or by writing to the registered address below.

Contact edujam

Tel: 01291 671515
Fax: 01291 671515