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Edujam for Education Leaders

Dear Education Leader,

We understand that;

  • you want all schools to be good, improving and inclusive schools.
  • you have a strategic plan which incorporates a strong focus on every child matters.
  • you have a core role which helps to promote enjoyment and achievement through education.

As a Community Interest Company dedicated to learners, parents and education, our aim is to work in partnership with you; to think creatively about ways to build on your capacity, involve your resources and community to achieve your goals.

Edujam is an inspiring online stage for primary pupils to express their creative talents on. It is a secure, online service, which is easy and fun to use. To support schools in their use of edujam we can work alongside your educational consultants to lead the development of creative practice in your school communities. The same applies to the provision of technical expertise and consultancy, to look at ways to enhance and integrate edujam into existing services.

Edujam Inline Integration

Existing educational websites or portals can benefit from edujam inline integration. Edujam inline incorporates the identification of web-service API. This enables the enhancement of your current services, to include edujam's cutting-edge Jam Studio and Stage and its design and process. Edujam was built with open source components to support many different usage models. Made to plug in, this flexible design and architecture allows website operators to extend and enhance support for safe, creative educational practice into existing educational platforms.

If you would like to find out more about how edujam cic may be able to help meet your needs please contact us.

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