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Dear Head Teacher,

Are you looking to raise attainment through;

  • Embracing creativity to produce confident, independent learners?
  • Involving parents in their childrens learning at home?

Whilst at the same time meeting the government’s targets for e-portfolios for all pupils by Spring 2008?

Edujam has been designed to meet these challenges and to bring about the proven benefits of more creative practice.

The main benefits that we as teachers and the children have experienced are;

  • An increase in ICT skills and confidence,
  • More parental involvement in the children’s work completed on Edujam.

Straits Primary School

Edujam offers children their own online stage to personalise with their creative work. It provides a secure community where teachers can assess and provide feedback and where pupils can share their work with family and friends.

At-home parental involvement clearly and consistently has significant effects on pupil achievement … which far outweigh other forms of involvement.

Charles Desforges,
‘The Impact of Parental Involvement on Pupil Achievement’

Edujam has been designed from scratch for primary schools using modern web architecture and is fun and simple to use. It can provide a valuable extension to your own school website, which pupils feel a strong sense of ownership for and one which develops their skills as good online citizens.

To find out more contact Edujam for an online tour on the menu above.


Creativity is Cool

The recent Creative Partnerships Programme has shown the benefits of increased creativity in the curriculum (see research findings). How does edujam support this?

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