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A tasty creative curriculum opportunity!

Following on from the success of last years Little Book of Scribes which showcased childrens poems and stories, this year we have teamed up with a celebrity chef to help create the Little Book of Chefs!

Stephen Terry of ‘The Great British Menu’ fame is working with us to select and provide comment on recipes that are launched on edujam. Food is a fantastic subject and can be related to many areas of the curriculum, health, history, literacy and also mathematics.

Please click on the link below to access a lesson plan -


with ideas for scaling up and scaling down – Yr 5 into 6 mathematics, with links to further information and resources at http://nationalstrategies.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/node/47064

We hope you will look forward to seeing your pupils work published both on your school stage and in the “Little Book of Chefs” so get launching those recipes! Each pupil and their school, whose work is included, will receive a copy of the book to keep.

Author and presenter Jerome Monahan has teamed up with edujam cic to provide lesson plans for active learning and onsite workshops.

Greek Myths are themselves just one of a number of active drama workshops available. 

Others explore a variety of Shakespeare’s plays, Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Beowulf and Grimm’s wonder tales.

Jayne Edwards, Head teacher of Shirenewton primary school reported

“Jerome was brilliant - the children were enthusiastic and had a great day. - worth every penny and more!”

Pupils can be encouraged to create and put their own myths and stories into their Jam Studio. In this way pupils can recieve expert feedback from Jerome as a ‘creative friend’ in edujam as well as enjoy sharing their creative work on their school stage. This is an excellent way to extend the educational value of the onsite workshop.

Lesson plans with delightful audio commentaries for running your own workshops, plus follow up activities can be accessed via edujam’s Active Drama School. 


Allowing pupils to publish their creative work in their own jam studio is at the core of edujam and allows children control over their own personal creative space. 

In addition to this schools have requested that special Jam studios can be set up for activities involving groups of pupils. 


eg School eco-committees and School Council’s

A Jam studio can be created for a school committee or working group to share details of its aims, the goings on at its meetings and  the work it has carried out.  For example the ‘Eco Committee’ or ‘School Council’ meetings could be reported on by a pupil using the roving reporter kit to record snippits of the meeting or interviews with key committee members.  Updates on any projects or work carried out by such committees could be posted using video or still photographs.  Providing a unique pupil perspective of the hard work of groups that would normally be difficult to share with the majority of pupils. Or what about a news team to report on an exciting event in the school calendar such as sports day?  Perhaps roving reporters could be given free reign to report with photos, vidoes and interviews with competitors and spectators alike. 

An example of this in use with a school radio team can be accessed via the link below


School and Group performances

Alternatively the whole school could share in the behind the scenes excitement of the school play, orchestra, music groups and enjoy the reactions and responses long after the event. A lovely example of this from Longsands School can be heard here


Extending audience for group work

If you would like, for example, all of your eco-committee activities to automatically update on your own school website , this can be enabled. Imagine the thrill your pupils will get from having their work published to a wider audience.

If you would like to create any specific Jam studios for your school, simply email andyp@edujam.org and we can set these up for you.