Headroom - Empower your creative community

How can we help our pupils get the most out of our membership?

Rapid Start up
As part of edujam’s managed service, we pre-register your teachers and pupils with an extract from your admin database. This ensures your pupils get going with their own Jam Studio quickly and easily. Each class will be linked to their class teacher during this process.

Creative Community kick start
The first steps with edujam are the most important steps to building a sustainable creative community and raising attainment through creativity. We have put together a special onsite service to make sure your pupils and staff get off to a great start. An agenda for this day includes sessions that are interactive and informal, covering the basic functions of edujam and use of visual and audio media capture devices. These sessions are instrumental in helping members of staff feel confident in applying the use of edujam into existing schemes of work as well as new creative practice. Don’t worry about the pupils, this special day will help the first half dozen get started and experience shows the rest will soon follow.

Staff Development and Confidence -Twilight Inset

In addition to the successful kick start days with pupils, staff and parents, edujam can offer twilight workshops for additional teaching staff and learning support assistants, where we will :

* Facilitate hands on use of a Jam studio from a pupil perspective and the tools provided for staff to assess work and provide feedback to pupils.

* Show and share examples of creative practice, different art forms and activities with edujam.
* Successful models of roll out with pupils.

A room with connection to the internet and a computer for each member of staff is all that is required for these twilight sessions.

Supporting Continuous Professional Development

Our services continue to grow in line with the needs and priorities expressed by the Edujam community of schools, providing further CPD opportunities, consultancy, training, as well as help to engage and involve parents to ensure Edujam is of maximum benefit across your school community.

In both this Headroom and the edujam Staffroom there is an ever increasing range of ideas, resources as well as Entertaining presentations, links to research, Guest Column feedback, access to examples of creative practice and activities to support teaching staff. These can be accessed from the category menu on the right.

How secure is edujam?

Built to the applicable BECTA guidelines, the security of the school community is maintained because each child has their own unique Jam ID and password.

Their Jam Studio, the school community stage can only be accessed by pupils in this way. The login process also uses SSL encryption ( as used by banks). The pupils need to be clear that they should not give out their password.

Before any of the pupils work, documents, images , audio , video appear on your school stage they have to be approved by a member of your teaching staff in your school.

Only when a pupil’s piece of work is approved, can it then be launched onto the school stage and viewable by other pupils.

Online citizenship

edujam offers pupils an opportunity to peer review (only in your school community or other schools with which you agree to share a community stage) each others work. In the process they are developing online citizenship skills. A number of resources / lesson plans re online citizenship can be accessed by teaching staff via the edujam staff room. Furthermore the context of good online citizenship / use of positive and constructive feedback is highlighted to the pupils during the training day.

Review comments are not policed before they are displayed. This reflects a philosophy that you have to give children responsibility to learn to be responsible, however, all pupils reviews are checked by edujam staff each evening and so anything inappropriate is removed from display and the school notified.

In addition to this a member of staff can remove comments from display via their login and pupils are encouraged to let a member of staff know if any unsuitable comment has been made.

Use of data

In relation to use of pupil data, what are our commercial activities, is it being sold on etc?

Edujam is a community interest company ( a social enterprise) registered in england and wales. Our privacy policy which details what we do do, most important do not do with any data provided is openly viewable here http://www.edujam.org/cic/privacy-policy.php

How does a school get started with Edujam?

Simply fill in the contact form. We will make contact to confirm your requirements and provide a clear quotation taking into account any special pricing arrangements for your area.