Headroom - Empower your creative community

Sharing a community stage with other schools offers great benefits for staff and pupils.

The stage is secure and accessible only to those schools who have chosen to participate.

It enables schools, for example those in a geographical cluster group, or those with ideas to share, to work on projects together to explore cultural differences, creative ideas, or maybe even different languages!

Edujam cic has been chosen as partner to a group of rural schools in North Yorkshire who work together as a cluster of schools. The Head Teachers wanted to be able to share a community stage with each other as well as their own school stage.  Their aim is to enable pupils to cross fertilise each others’ creative work from different schools.

Penny Vernon, Head teacher of both Swainby & Potto and Osmotherley school said “This has brought real meaning and purpose to an otherwise over complex burden of learning platforms for our staff.” “….the best part is seeing this being driven by the energy of pupils themselves.”

“The community stage is fantastic for all concerned.” “This project is already delivering outcomes which meet forthcoming inspection needs with Ofsted’s thrust towards community cohesion.”

Staff having struggled with the county solution at Osmotherley, chose edujam, ” it is so easy to work with” “..staff are friendly and helpful.”

Another Head Teacher was keen to bring new opportunities for her pupils to understand culture and curriculum activities in a school very different to their own in location and demographic.  Both of these needs can be met by sharing a community stage. Schools are looking forward to introducing shared curriculum topics and a range of activities including Digital Video recorded interviews. The community stage remains secure, used only by  participating schools. It is a very exciting next step, where pupils become able to launch and share their creative outputs relating to events at their schools with a wider audience. In this way they can get a taste of how the other pupils do things and can celebrate their similarities and differences and enjoy reviewing each others digital masterpieces!

If you would like your school to enjoy this opportunity, please do not hesitate to email andyp@edujam.org - and we will establish contact with other schools with similar aims.