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In our experience, most parents are delighted when they see the creative work their child has in their Jam Studio and on their school stage. 

Wanting to share in this enjoyment and achievement is usually enough to keep them revisiting edujam at home with their child. Here are some ideas and helpful resources your school may wish to use to make the best of the opportunity to engage parents in support of their child’s learning.  

Invitation to an after school session

Why not invite parents to an after school introductory session at the end of your Kick Start day – let the pupils who have learned to use Edujam during the Kick Start day show their parents how they use it.

Here is a link to upload a template letter of invitation to parents to come to such an event. 


Parents Guide

This guide lets parents know what Edujam does and how they can use it with their children at home.  Send home this short guide with the pupils/parents after the Kick Start day and also make it available to parents who couldn’t attend the evening as their children start to use Edujam.


Guest Creative Friends

Are any of your parents artists themselves? Perhaps they could be a creative friend for some project work. A Jam ID and password for a parent acting in this capacity can be set up so that pupils can hand their work in for review and feedback for a period of time, or perhaps for a specific project. Different parents could ‘guest’ for a week at a time over a term.

Special Jam Studios to creatively report on the ‘goings on’ within your school. 

As examples

  • Appoint a team of pupil reporters to report on School Council meeting, posting the reports into a special Jam Studio. In addition to appearing on your school stage these Jams can appear on your own website and will update automatically if you want. 
  • Pupils on any eco-committees could post information about the committee’s aims and projects

Don’t forget –

This type of activity can be reported with all kinds of artforms , Written reports? Video diaries, audio commentaries or perhaps interviews with other committee members and parents themselves, could form the basis of the creative outputs

Just give the pupils’ free reign with their creativity and purposeful use of digital media

Make it known to parents this is happening and publicise each new posting following a meeting or event.


Add parents to your team of assistants


Andy Davis Head teacher of Clunbury Primary school commented “Edujam has also brought about a particularly positive effect on our teaching assistants who have felt more empowered and included in both classes and homework”. Why not invite some parents to help pupils with their work in readiness to hand in to their teacher.


Let parents further afield know the difference they can make


Make sure any parents who work or live away, know they can also be involved. It can make a huge difference to your pupils. 


“one of our lads, whose Dad lives away, has had comments added by his Dad which has been a huge incentive to do his very best. It’s really supported the link between home and school”


Chris Swan, Brocks Hill Primary School

We hope the information above is of some help in providing ideas for raising awareness of the opportunities edujam offers your parents - if you have any others that have worked for you we’d love to hear about them.